Campaign element template definitions

The triggers, targets, and actions that are used in marketing activities are based on templates. The templates are called campaign element template definitions. If you are customizing a trigger, target or action, ensure that you understand the purpose and structure of these template definitions before you modify an existing template or create a custom template.

In the Activity Builder palette, each trigger, target, and action that a business user can add to a marketing activity is a campaign element. Campaign element template definitions define the blueprint for campaign elements. Each campaign element in the palette can be associated to one or more template definitions. For example:
  • The Issue Coupon action is associated to one template definition (issueCoupon template)
  • The Send Message action is associated to two template definitions, one for sending email messages (sendIndividualEmail template), and another for sending mobile text messages (sendSMS template).

Campaign element template definitions are stored in XML format in the DMELETEMPLATE table.

These template definitions specify different things, depending on the function of the target, trigger, or action. Each campaign element template definition is made up of one or more of the XML fragments listed in the first column of the following table. For more information about each XML fragment, click the link in the table.

XML fragment in the campaign element template definition Purpose of the XML fragment Applies to triggers? Applies to targets? Applies to actions?
Implementation definition XML Specifies the unique name of the campaign element Yes, mandatory. Yes, mandatory. Yes, mandatory.
Specifies the task command for the campaign element Yes, if needed. Yes, mandatory. Yes, mandatory.
Specifies the argument definitions to pass to the task command No Yes, if needed. Yes, if needed.
Behavior rule definition XML Specifies how to detect whether events that are associated with the campaign element occurred Yes, if needed. Yes, if needed. Yes, if needed.
Related rule definition XML

Specifies the target implementation definition XML. This target is checked when the event defined in the behavior rule definition XML is detected. If the target evaluates to true, then the trigger occurs.

Yes, if needed. No No