Marketing customization: Management Center

There are many aspects of the Marketing tool that you can customize to suit the business needs of your site. For example, you can customize web and dialog activities, the Activity Builder user interface, e-Marketing Spots, and customer segments. Customization is supported for both the Marketing tool user interface and the marketing services.

What you need to know before you start

To customize the Marketing tool, use HCL Commerce Developer. Ensure that you know the following programming languages:

  • The Java programming language
  • The XML programming language

What you need to do before you start

Review the properties in the marketing component configuration file and how they relate to certain customization scenarios. By changing the configurations in this file, you can quickly change the behavior for different marketing features. For more information, see Marketing component configuration files (wc-admin-component.xml).


When you have the required skills and knowledge, and you are ready to customize the marketing component, the following instructions are available to you in the HCL Commerce product documentation: