Ignoring shopper-selected facets for a 'Recommend Catalog Entry' action

Within the Search conditions of a Recommend Catalog Entry web activity, you can configure the web activity to ignore customer selected facets as part of the criteria for recommended catalog entries.

By default, the only facet that you can ignore is the Offer price.
Note: To reveal the Ignore these facets option, ensure that Selected facets is selected.

About this task

You can add other facetable attributes to the list of facets that can be ignored by the Recommend Catalog Entry action. To add other attributes, complete the following procedure.


  1. Open the Management Center.
  2. Open the Catalogs tool and then from the explorer view filter, select Attribute Dictionary.
  3. For all attributes that you want to add to the Ignore these facets list, mark the attributes as Use in Merchandising, Searchable, and Use in faceted navigation.
    When you save the Attribute Dictionary, the database is updated with the selected attributes.
    Note: You can use that attributes with predefined values only.
  4. Connect to your database and run the following SQL query to display all the searchable attributes and their properties.
    select * from srchattrprop INNER JOIN srchattr on srchattrprop.srchattr_id=srchattr.srchattr_id where srchattrprop.propertyname='facet';
    • The SRCHATTRPROP database table contains both predefined and created attributes
    • The SRCHATTR database table holds the IDENTIFIER name for the values in the SRCHATTRPROP database table.
    With the combined tables, you can find the values that are needed to add more facets to the Ignore these facets list.
  5. Run the following SQL query for each attribute that you want to add to the Ignore these facets list.
    insert into srchattrprop values (SRCHATTR_ID, 'merchandising-FacetExclusion',PROPERTYVALUE,0);
    This query adds the facet-exclusion property to the chosen SRCHATTR_ID.
  6. Ensure that for each attribute that you inserted in step 5, an entry with the same SRCHATTR_ID exists in the SRCHATTRDESC database table.
    If an entry does not exist, then add an entry by using the following SQL query.
    Note: The DISPLAYNAME is the string that is displayed in Management Center.
  7. Restart the server to refresh the cache.