Informing the marketing services of an external event for a trigger or target

If your custom trigger or target must detect an event that occurs on system that is external to HCL Commerce, then you must inform the marketing services of that event. To do so, call the Process MarketingTrigger service using a URL or using Java code. If your trigger or target detects an HCL Commerce event (or no event), you do not need to do this task.

Before you begin

Read Ways to inform the marketing services of external or custom events for triggers and targets.


  1. Determine the best way to call the Process MarketingTrigger service to inform the marketing services of the external event.
  2. To ensure the marketing services have the customer's personalization ID available for the marketing activity:
    1. Provide an implementation of MarketingServicesTaskCmd that implements the method getPersonalizationId. This method must map from the external identifier of the customer to the HCL Commerce identifier for the customer (personalizationId).
    2. Register the task command in the CMDREG table.

      Here is an example of the SQL statement to register this type of task command:

  3. Implement the Process MarketingTrigger service call from the external system using either a URL or Java code.