The Order Status Update message includes the ORDER_STATUS_UPDATE_HDR010_DATA segment. This data segment consists of order specifications for the Order Status Update message.

The format and the source of the fields for ORDER_STATUS_UPDATE_HDR010_DATA are described in the following table. For field lengths, use the table below. For a description of a database column, follow the link to its associated table.

Field Name Field Type Table Name Column Name Note
NC_HDR010 Version Number CHAR (2) N/A N/A Fixed value of 01.
NC_Order RefNumber CHAR (10) ORDSTAT ORDERS_ID HCL Commerce order reference number.
NC_Customer OrderNumber N/A N/A N/A N/A
NC_Currency Type CHAR (10) ORDSTAT OSCPCUR Currency in which the price is expressed. The format of the currency must adhere to ISO 4217 standards.
NC_TotalPrice CHAR (16) ORDSTAT OSPRTOT Total product price for the order.
NC_Total TaxPrice CHAR (16) ORDSTAT OSTXTOT Total tax for the order.
NC_Total ShippingPrice CHAR (16) ORDSTAT OSSHTOT Total shipping charges for the order.
NC_Total TaxShipping Price CHAR (16) ORDSTAT OSSHTXTOT Total tax on shipping charges for the order.
NC_Shopper LoginID N/A N/A N/A N/A
NC_Merchant OrderNumber CHAR (30) ORDSTAT OSMORDER Order reference number generated by the merchant.
NC_Order Status CHAR (32) ORDSTAT OSSTATUS Order status: P - In pending state C - In past state X - canceled I - Inventory update pending M - Ready for authentication
NC_Schedule ShipDate CHAR (8) ORDSTAT OSSSTIME Scheduled shipping date, in the format YYYYMMDD.
NC_Actual ShipDate CHAR (8) ORDSTAT OSASTIME Actual shipping date, in the format YYYYMMDD.
NC_PlaceDate CHAR (8) ORDSTAT OSPLTIME Placing date, in the format YYYYMMDD.