HCL Commerce Enterprise

Distributor integration messages

HCL Commerce uses XML message interfaces to integrate to external applications. These messages are defined to allow HCL Commerce to integrate with distributors systems.

In order to communicate with a distributor's system, HCL Commerce uses a series of integration messages and commands:

  • HCL Commerce Outbound Request/Reply
  • Back-end Inbound notification messages that invoke a set of HCL Commerce controller commands notification inbound messages.

This image shows HCL Commerce sending a request to a Distributor's system and the Distributor's system sending back a Response and a Notification message.

Request and Response messages and commands

HCL Commerce sends out request messages as part of the business process for Quotation, ShopCart transfer, and inventory reports. The requests are sent to the distributor's system via the messaging system adapters. When the correlating response messages are sent back by the distributor's system, they are processed by correlating commands.

Request task commands are responsible for sending the request to the distributor's system through the HCL Commerce messaging system adapters. Response controller commands are responsible for processing the response message and correlating the response back to the originating request.

The HCL Commerce Outbound request/response messages are:

  • priceAndAvailabilityRequest
  • shoppingCartTransferRequest
  • batchAvailabilityRequest

Notification messages and commands

Notification messages can be sent from distributors to HCL Commerce. Notification messages are processed through the HCL Commerce messaging system by correlating commands. Notification controller commands are responsible for processing the messages.

The following message is a back-end inbound notification messages sent to HCL Commerce:

  • OrderWCSOrderStatus