Staging bootstrap file

wcs.staging.xml is an example of one of the XML files that populate the database tables with information. The types of information and database tables populated by wcs.staging.xml include the following:

Database Table Description Code Sample
CLEANCONF Database cleanup utility configuration table.
statement="delete from catgroup 
where markfordelete = 1" 
namearg="no" sequence="1" daysarg="no" />
STGMERTAB Staging configuration table for all merchant tables.
<stgmertab tabnbr="10" tabname="member" 
STGMRSTTAB Staging configuration table for all tables containing both merchant and site information.
<stgmrsttab tabnbr="140" tabname="store" 
    colname="store_id" />
STGSITETAB Staging configuration table for all site tables.
<stgsitetab tabnbr="10" tabname="site" 
STGUINDTAB Staging configuration table to check for unique index conflicts.
<stguindtab tabname="trading" />
Note: It is recommended that you do not modify any of the bootstrap files. If modified, an instance may not be created successfully and this could result in a major support issue.