Language-dependent bootstrap file

wcs.bootstrap_en_US.xml is an example of one of the language-dependent XML files that populate the database tables with information. Description fields are translated in the language dependent files, and can be viewed within each file. Each language dependent bootstrap file contains different descriptions depending on the selected language.

Database tables populated by wcs.bootstrap_en_US.xml file
Database Table Type of Information Code Sample
CALUSAGE Populates the default calculation usages, such as discounts, shipping, sales tax, shipping tax, and coupons.
<calusage calusage_id="-1" 
description="Discount" />
DEVICEFMT Populates the different device types in the runtime code which are browsers, I_MODE, e-mail, MQXML, and MQNC.
displayname="Http browser" />
MSGTYPES Populates the different messages, such as an auction message.
<msgtypes msgtype_id="13" msgtdir="1" 
description="Auct message description" />
ROLE Populates the names and descriptions of the default roles.
<role role_id="-7" 
name="Store Developer" 
description="" />
ADDRESS Populates the address information of the default organization.
<address address_id="-2000" 
member_id="-2000" addrbook_id="-2000" 
status="P" isprimary="1" 
nickname="Default Organization" 
selfaddress="1" />
Note: It is recommended that you do not modify any of the bootstrap files. If modified, an instance may not be created successfully and this could result in a major support issue.