Language-independent bootstrap file

wcs.bootstrap.xml is a language-independent XML file that populates the database tables with information. You may want to access this file to find out specific information, such as how currency conversions are stored, and how the conversions of measurements are handled.

Database tables populated by wcs.bootstrap.xml file
Database Table Type of Information Code Sample
ADDRESS Populates the default administrative ID.
<address address_id="-1000"
      member_id="-1000" addrbook_id="-1000"
      status="P" isprimary="1" lastname="wcsadmin"
      nickname="wcsadmin" selfaddress="1" />
CMDREG Populates the set of commands to the table.
<cmdreg storeent_id="0"
COUNTCODE Populates the country abbreviation and code number.
<countcode productvendor="WPM"
      countryabbr="CA" countrycode="124" />
CURCONVERT Populates the static currency conversion for the Euro dollar to another currency.

<curconvert storeent_id="-1"
      fromcurr="EUR" tocurr="FRF"
      factor="6.55957000000000000000" multiplyordivide="M"
      bidirectional="Y" updatable="N" curconvert/>
CURFORMAT Populates the formats for a currency, such as two decimal places for French francs.
<curformat storeent_id="-1"
      setccurr="FRF" roundingmultiple="1" roundingmethod="R"
      decimalplaces="2" numbrusg_id="-1" />
DEVICEFMT Populates the different device types in the runtime code which are XML over HTTP, ECSAX XML over HTTP, and XML over MQ.

<devicefmt devicetype_id="E-mail" devicefmt_id="-3" displayname="E-mail
    display" />              
ECTPTITM Populates the different profiles and demographic attributes.
<ectptitm ecitmrfnbr="10" ecrfnbr="2"
      ecseqno="6" ecname="challengeQuestion" ecsize="250"
      ecistag="0" ecflddt="S" />

<ectptitm ecitmrfnbr="100" ecrfnbr="6"
      ecseqno="15" ecname="phone1" ecsize="30"
      ecistag="0" ecflddt="S" />
KEYS Populates key ranges for tables.
<keys keys_id="-2" tablename="addrbook"
      columnname="addrbook_id" counter="10000" prefetchsize="50"
      lowerbound="0" upperbound="9223372036850000000" />
LANGPAIR Populates the language ID. There are thirteen supported languages.
<langpair storeent_id="-1" language_id="-2"
      language_id_alt="-1" sequence="100" />
LMEVENTMAP Populates event messaging.
<lmeventmap lmeventmap_id="5" lmsetname="wcsTransactions"
      storeent_id="0" exteventname="WCS_DeleteOrderItem"
      lmtxtypeid="5201" />
MBRROLE Populates the default roles supported by HCL Commerce. Each role has a different role ID.
<mbrrole member_id="-2001" role_id="-14"
      orgentity_id="-2001" />
MBRATTR Populates the organization entity and common attributes.
<mbrattr mbrattr_id="-5" attrtype_id="STRING"
      name="OrgEntitySize" />

<mbrattr mbrattr_id="-6" attrtype_id="INTEGER"
      name="OrgEntityRevenueSize" />

<mbrattr mbrattr_id="-7" attrtype_id="STRING"
      name="OrgEntityIndustryType" />
POLICY Populates the business policies and assigns an ID. All business policies are preset.
<policy policy_id="-2000" policyname="Credit"
      policytype_id="ReturnPayment" storeent_id="-1" />

<policy policy_id="-2001" policyname="UseOriginalPayment"
      policytype_id="ReturnPayment" storeent_id="-1" />
QTYCONVERT Populates the conversion of measurements such as pounds to kilos using ISO standards.
<qtyconvert qtyunit_id_to="FTQ"
      qtyconvert_id="-45" qtyunit_id_from="YDQ"
      factor="27.00000000000000000000" multiplyordivide="M"
      updatable="N" />
QTYUNIT Populates the quantity ID of each unit for conversion.
<qtyunit qtyunit_id="ONZ"
      field1="0" />
SCHCONFIG Populates the default jobs run by the scheduler.
<schconfig sccjobrefnum="2112" member_id="-1000"
      sccrecdelay="0" sccrecatt="0" 
      sccinterval="300" sccpriority="1" sccsequence="0"
      sccactive="A" storeent_id="0" />
STATECODE Populates the state and province codes for different countries.
<statecode productvendor="XXX"
      stateprovabbr="CA" stateprovcode="05" />

<statecode productvendor="XXX" stateprovabbr="CO"
      stateprovcode="06" />
TCSUBTYPE Populates the terms and conditions for default contract support.

<tcsubtype tcsubtype_id="FulfillmentTC"

<tcsubtype tcsubtype_id="InvoiceTC" tctype_id="InvoiceTC"
USERS Populates specific information about the user ID.

<users users_id="-1000" dn="uid=wcsadmin,o=Root
      Organization" registertype="S" profiletype="B"
      prevlastsession="2000-11-07-" />

<users users_id="-1002" registertype="G"
      prevlastsession="2000-11-07-" />
Note: It is recommended that you do not modify any of the bootstrap files. If modified, an instance may not be created successfully and this could result in a major support issue.