HCL Commerce comes with a powerful and fully integrated search function. The search functions in HCL Commerce provide an enriched customer experience, with features such as automatic search term suggestions and spelling correction. Since it is built on industry standards, HCL Commerce Search is highly flexible and extensible. Starter stores can use the search engine's most sophisticated features without requiring extra customization.
Some of the business benefits that are provided by HCL Commerce Search are,
  • Shoppers can look for products and browse the storefront by using an intuitive and highly responsive interface that can anticipate their needs. Basic functions include guided navigation, landing pages, and dynamic merchandising suggestions.
  • Merchandisers can influence product selection and display order for category navigation using the Management Center Catalogs tool and they can set up boost/bury rules for influencing search results using the Search Rules feature in the Marketing tool.
  • Relevant content is easier to find because the Search system uses a combination of relational database and unstructured text-searching modules.
  • Search runs in its own container. Large numbers of complex search queries can run in parallel with order processing with no degradation in response time. Scalability is not a problem.
  • Deployment and ownership costs are lower, since all of these capabilities come included with HCL Commerce.