Business logic layer

The business logic layer is the business components that provide OAGIS services to return data or start business processes. The presentation layer uses these OAGIS services to display data, or to invoke a business process. The business logic provides data required by the presentation layer. The business logic layer exists because more than just fetching and updating data is required by an application; there is also additional business logic independent of the presentation layer.

The SOI implementation of the business logic layer is fronted by services, which transform the OAGIS messages (BODs) to name-value pairs for processing. This makes for easy integration with existing HCL Commerce or customized commands. The BOD processing patterns for OAGIS requests uses the persistence layer to accept structured data objects (SDOs) and handle the mapping between these logical structured objects and how they are persisted. The business logic layer is independent of the technology used to interact with how data is persisted. By interacting with the Business Object Mediator object, the business logic layer passes SDOs to the persistence mechanism without binding itself to the persistence technology.

There are four processing patterns:
  • Business Object Document Get processing pattern
  • Business Object Document Process processing pattern
  • Business Object Document Change processing pattern
  • Business Object Document Sync processing pattern