Bootstrap files

Bootstrap files are XML files which HCL Commerce uses during instance creation to populate database tables with information after the schema is created. Once the data is loaded, you can see the preloaded information in the appropriate database table. Bootstrap files can be used to retrieve information about specific data, such as calculation codes and pricing policies.

Note: It is recommended that you do not modify any of the bootstrap files. If modified, an instance might not be created successfully and might result in a major support issue.

HCL Commerce uses the following bootstrap files:

  • ACUserGroups_ locale.xml
  • defaultAccessControlPolicies.xml
  • defaultAccessControlPolicies_ locale.xml
  • ubf_transformed.xml
  • wcs.bootstrap.xml
  • HCL Commerce Enterprise wcs.bootstrap_adv.xml
  • HCL Commerce Enterprise wcs.bootstrap_adv_ locale.xml
  • wcs.bootstrap_pro.xml
  • wcs.bootstrap_pro_ locale.xml
  • wcs.bootstrap_ locale.xml
  • wcs.bootstrap_multi_ locale.xml
  • wcs.features_bootstrap.xml
  • wcs.keys.xml
  • wcs.userreg.xml

These files are located under the WCDE_installdir/schema/xml directory.

In addition, HCL Commerce uses the following staging bootstrap files:
  • wcs.staging.xml
  • wcs.staging.keys.xml

Existing bootstrap files from previous releases of HCL Commerce is renamed to include "_base". For example, wcs.bootstrap_base.xml.

New bootstrap files are componentized based on HCL Commerce features, and contain data for only the specified HCL Commerce feature. The following features use componentized HCL Commerce bootstrap files:

  • Analytics (wcs.bootstrap_bi.xml)
  • Catalog
  • Contracts
  • Business tools
  • Development tools
  • Inventory
  • Marketing (campaigns, email activities, experimentation, segmentation)
  • Members
  • Messaging
  • Negotiation
  • Orders
  • Promotions
  • Pricing
  • Returns
  • RFQ
  • Runtime
  • Security
  • Tickler
  • Trading
  • Workspaces

New bootstrap files contain the component name within the file name. For example, wcs.bootstrap_catalog.xml.