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Just-in-Time Privacy Policy

When enabled, the Just-in-Time Privacy Policy page is displayed as a pop-up window when a shopper first visits your store. Shoppers must review and accept the store privacy policy that is included on the page before they can proceed to browse and shop within the store.

You can enable the Just-in-Time Privacy Policy to display by selecting the associated store function in the Store Management tool for Management Center. For more information, see Enabling just-in-time Privacy Policy,

The content that displays on the page is the same as the content on the Privacy Policy page except for the inclusion of a check box for accepting the privacy policy. This check box displays on only the Just-in-Time Privacy Policy page.

The Just-in-Time Privacy Policy page (and other store pages) can also be configured to display an option for shoppers to provide consent for the tracking of their shopper behavior. If the store function for requesting consent from shoppers to track shopping behavior is enabled, additional text and radio buttons are included on the Just-in-Time Privacy Policy page. The radio buttons provide shoppers with the options to provide consent for tracking their shopper behavior or to decline being tracked.

Elements of the Just-in-Time Privacy Policy page

Privacy Policy page screen capture

Full size screen capture

E-Marketing Spot for the page

The sample store page includes the following e-Marketing Spot, which can be used to display content or a web activity. The e-Marketing Spot is intended to display static content, so typically you fill it using default content rather than a web activity. Use a web activity only if you want to schedule or personalize the content, or take advantage of other web activity features.

By default, the e-Marketing Spot is used to display the store's privacy policy as static content. This privacy policy content is the same static content that is displayed on the Privacy Policy page.

For more information about the Privacy Policy page, see Privacy Policy page.

E-Marketing Spot name and details Supported default content types Supported web activities

1 Recommended usage: Display content about your store's privacy policy and provide a check box for shoppers to accept the policy.

2 Optional usage: Display content to request consent from shoppers for tracking shopping behavior, such as for marketing purposes. Include details for your site's usage of any subsequent collected data, and provide selectable radio buttons for shoppers to use to provide or decline consent for your store to track their shopping behavior.

The radio button options for providing consent display only when the consent management store function is enabled.

If your site must comply to GDPR or any other regulation that requires you to obtain user consent before processing a user's personal data, enable this store function.

For more information about enabling this functionality, see Enabling consent management.

  • Content - Yes
  • Categories - No
  • Catalog entries - No

This e-Marketing Spot and the associated marketing content for your store's privacy policy are managed within the Marketing tool in Management Center. The marketing content is named according to the naming convention PrivacyContentVersionx.x, where x.x is the current version of the privacy policy. For instance, the default content for the Aurora store privacy policy is PrivacyContentVersion1.0. For more information about editing the content, see Updating the privacy policy content.

The sample text for the privacy acceptance check box and for the radio buttons that are included for shoppers to select to opt-in or opt-out of providing consent are included within the following properties file:
  • Widgets_801/Properties/widgettext_language.properties

    Where language is the language code for the storefront language, such as en_US for United States English.

    This file is included within the SDK_workspace_dir/crs/crs-ibm-web.war web archive that is in the SDK for IBM Commerce Service.

Run web activities that use the following actions:

JSP files

The JSP files are available within the SDK_workspace_dir/crs/crs-ibm-web.war web archive that is included within the SDK for IBM Commerce Service. Use an archive utility to extract the web archive to a temporary directory for reviewing the included files.

  • Widgets_801/Common/PrivacyPolicy/PrivacyPolicyPopup.jsp represents the overall Just-in-Time Privacy Policy page as a pop-up window.
  • Widgets_801/com.ibm.commerce.store.widgets.ContentRecommendation/ContentRecommendation.jsp is used to display the PrivacyPolicyCenter_Content e-Marketing Spot and content for the page.