Error Pages

Customers view error pages on the storefront for various reasons. The error pages that are displayed here are examples with default error text. During site setup, you can change both the text and the appearance of these messages to suit your business.

Error pages are displayed on the storefront when:
  • The online store is undergoing maintenance
  • The site is down
  • The registered customer is logged out from an active session
  • There is a site generic error

Elements of the Error Pages

Figure 1. Site generic error

Error Page Four screen capture
Figure 2. Session-timed-out error page

Error Page Three screen capture

JSP files

  • CSRFErrorDisplay.jsp represents the cross site request forgery error page.
  • ProhibitedCharacterError.jsp represents the prohibited characters error page.
  • UserTimeoutView.jsp represents the session timed out error page.
  • GenericError.jsp represents the generic error page.