Return Policy page

The Return Policy page is where customers can learn about the return policy for your store.

This page is managed in the Commerce Composer tool and the layout is responsive.

Elements of the Return Policy page

Return Policy page screen capture

Full size screen capture

E-Marketing Spots

The e-Marketing Spot on this page is intended to display static content, so typically you fill it using default content rather than a Web activity. Use a Web activity only if you want to schedule or personalize the content, or take advantage of other Web activity features.
E-Marketing Spot name and details Supported default content types Supported Web activities
1 ReturnPolicyCenter_Content

Recommended usage: Display content about your store's return policy in the Return Policy page.

  • Content - Yes
  • Categories - No
  • Catalog entries - No
Run Web activities that use the following actions:

JSP files

  • ReturnPolicyDisplay.jsp represents the entire page.
  • ContentRecommendation.jsp represents the ReturnPolicyCenter_Content e-Marketing Spot.