Store Locator page

The Store Locator page is where customers can go to locate a physical store. Customers can select a geographic area and view the list of stores that are located in the area.

Elements of the Store Locator page

Store Locator page screen capture

Full size screen capture

JSP files

  • StoreLocatorDisplay.jsp represents the entire page.
  • StoreLocator.jsp represents the actual store locator page area.
  • SelectedStoreList.jsp represents the area where a selected stores are found.
  • ProvinceSelectionDisplay.jsp represents the state/province drop-down area.
  • CitySelectionDisplay.jsp represents the city drop-down area.
  • StoreLocatorResults.jsp represents the result of the store locator search.

Error handling

When entering invalid or missing store location information to find, the store returns a 400 error (bad request) by default.