Store emails

In certain circumstances, your store sends email messages to customers. You can customize three of these email messages through the Management Center Marketing tool. In each email message, the images and text are displayed in e-Marketing Spots. You can change the content that is displayed in the e-Marketing Spots in the same way that you manage e-Marketing Spots on your store pages.

Wish list email message

Wish list email message

Forgot password e-mail message

Wish list email message

Activation e-mail message

Image not available.

JSP files

  • AccountActivationNotify.jsp represents the account activation email page.
  • PasswordResetNotify.jsp represents the password reset email page.
  • WishlistCreateNotify.jsp represents the wish list email page.
  • ContentRecommendation.jsp represents the EmailBottom_Content, EmailWishlist_Content, EmailAccountActivation_Content, EmailPasswordReset_Content, and EmailBanner_Content e-Marketing Spots.