Troubleshooting: Marketing changes do not display on the production site

After you make marketing changes in an authoring or staging environment, you cannot see your changes on the production site after the marketing data is propagated.


This example describes the events that can lead to this problem:
  • In your authoring or staging environment, you use the Marketing tool to create and activate a web activity that displays marketing information on a store page.
  • You test the web activity by using store preview in the authoring or staging environment, and the store page displays the marketing information as expected.
  • The marketing data is published to the production site by the stagingprop utility.
  • You check the production site for the web activity, and the store page does not display the marketing information.

This issue can also occur with data related to dialog and email activities, search rules, and e-Marketing Spots.


If the changes do not display in the production site, the reason is typically because the cache is not up to date. A site administrator can review the suggestions regarding the relevant caches.


There are two relevant caches:

Types of caches for marketing data

Cache Description
Marketing cache The staging propagation process sets up invalidations in the CACHEIVL table.

After you run the stagingprop utility, you can check in the Administration Console to ensure that the DynaCacheInvalidation scheduled job ran.

Base cache (for JSP files) Store developers can implement JSP snippet caching that is based on activity behavior.