Troubleshooting: PartNumber is missing or incorrect for business object

An error occurs when you are running the Data Load utility that generates an error message that the mandatory property PartNumber is missing or incorrect.


When you try running the data load utility, you get an error similar to the following error message:
The mandatory property PartNumber in the business object CatalogEntryType is either missing or incorrect. Specify a valid property value for the business object.
This error can occur if one of the following conditions occur:
  • The PartNumber value for the catalog entry business object is missing from your input file.
  • The PartNumber is incorrectly spelled in the input file header.
  • Your configuration file specifies firstTwoLinesAreHeader as false while your input file uses a two line header. If your configuration file specifies firstTwoLinesAreHeader as true while your input file uses a one line header.
  • The input file header is incorrectly aligned with the file body. This incorrect formatting can cause an incorrect reading of data.


To resolve this error, ensure that you verify that the following information is correct:
  • The PartNumber value is correct for the catalog entry object.
  • The PartNumber column or element name is spelled correctly in the header of your input file.
  • The firstTwoLinesAreHeader value is the same in both your configuration XML file and you input file.
  • The header information is aligned with the included data in your input file.