WebSphere Commerce Developer

Troubleshooting: WebSphere Commerce Developer

You might experience the following problems when you use WebSphere Commerce Developer.

Context-sensitive help for WebSphere Commerce tools is unavailable

If context-sensitive help pages for WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, Organization Administration Console, or the Administration Console are reported as unavailable, your WebSphere Commerce Developer Help Server might not be properly configured. For detailed instructions on configuring the Help Server, see Starting and stopping the local IBM Knowledge Center.

When running the WebSphere Commerce development environment in debug mode, the debugger may time out causing instability

To prevent the debugger from timing out, increase the amount of time before the debugger times out:
  1. Click Window > Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences window, click Java > Debug.
  3. In the Debugger timeout text box, enter a larger number than current the number in the text box.
  4. Click Apply.

When starting the WebSphere Commerce Test Server, the WebSphere Commerce application fails to start.

An error similar to the following displays in the WCDE_installdir/wasprofile/logs/server1/trace.log file:
Caused by: com.ibm.ws.exception.ConfigurationWarning: com.ibm.etools.j2ee.commonarchivecore.exception.NoModuleFileException: A file does not exist for module element having uri: WebSphereCommerceServerExtensionsData.jar.
To work around the problem:
  1. In the Enterprise Explorer view, navigate to the WC Project.
  2. Right-click the WC project and select Close Project. The workspace rebuilds.
  3. Right-click the WC project and select Open Project. The workspace rebuilds.
  4. Restart WebSphere Commerce Developer
  5. Start the WebSphere Commerce Test Server

Unable to browse store pages when using port 80

When attempting to access the home page for one of the WebSphere Commerce starter stores (for example, ConsumerDirect), an error message displays. An example of the error message follows:
A WebGroup/Virtual Host to handle /webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ConsumerDirect/index.jsp has not been defined.
The virtual host definitions in the WebSphere Application Server might not be functioning properly.

A simple test to verify this situation is to attempt to access the starter store's home page using port 8000 instead of port 80. For example if ConsumerDirect was published, try to access the store using https://localhost:8000/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ConsumerDirect/index.jsp. If port 8000 was successful then the virtual host definitions will need to be updated.

To change the virtual host definitions:
  1. Start the WebSphere Commerce Test Server using either the Rational Application Developer interface or using the startWCServer.bat script.
  2. Access the WebSphere Application Server's administrative console
  3. Select Environment > Virtual Hosts
  4. Select the default_host entry
  5. From the "additional properties" section select "Host Aliases"
  6. Delete the references to port 80 and 443
  7. Save your change to the master configuration.
  8. Restart the server.

You should now be able to access the starter stores using port 80.

The setdbtype command logs errors

When running the setdbtype command to reconfigure the development environment, the setdbtype.log file shows the following, or similar, messages:
1 file(s) copied.
File not found - loader.cloudscape*.component
0 File(s) copied
        1 file(s) copied.
        1 file(s) copied.
File not found - loader.db2*.component
0 File(s) copied
Could Not Find D:\WEBSPH~1\WCTOOL~1\PROPER~1\version\loader.cloudscape*.component
HeadlessWorkspaceSettings: INITIAL autoBuild=true maxFile=1048576
HeadlessWorkspaceSettings: TEMP autoBuild=false maxFile=-1
Buildfile: D:\WEBSPH~1\WCTOOL~1\setup\refreshEAR.xml


Total time: 0 seconds
HeadlessWorkspaceSettings: RESTORED autoBuild=true maxFile=1048576
Ignore the messages that indicate that files are missing. Ensure the BUILD SUCCESSFUL message is logged; this indicates the setdbtype has completed successfully.