WebSphere Commerce Developer

Troubleshooting: Setdbtype utility does catch invalid database user credentials

If you run the setdbtype utility with invalid database user credentials (such as an incorrect database administrator ID), the setdbtype utility does not detect any errors and finishes as if successful. But then you might realize that the database type did not change.


The createVersionSchema.bat utility is silently executed when you run the setdbtype utility to switch the development database. Although the createVersionSchema utility catches the invalid credentials, the setdbtype utility does not recognize some errors that are thrown by createVersionSchema. Therefore, the setdbtype utility finishes without any error messages but the database type was not changed.


IBM is investigating the problem and intends to resolve the issue in a future fix pack.

In the interim, if you realize that the setdbtype utility did not work, then review the WCDE_installdir/logs/createVersionSchema.log file for details.