WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Troubleshooting: Promotion code problem

When you try to log on to the storefront in a B2C store, the Logon URL is used to log on to the system. If information already exists for the guest customer, the guest customer's basic information, such as their shopping cart, is merged with the registered user. You might experience the following problem with the shopping cart merge because of promotion codes.


When a guest customer tries to log on as a registered user to the storefront in a B2C store, the promotion codes of the order items are not merged with the registered user's shopping cart.
For example:
  1. Product A has a percentage promotion code named promA.
  2. Product B has a percentage promotion code named promB.
  3. The registered user logs out of the store.
  4. A guest customer adds a product B to the shopping cart and uses promotion code promB for their order items.
  5. The registered user logs on to the store again and the shopping carts of the guest customer and the registered user are merged. However, some promotion codes are missing.


The OrderItemMove URL can use the moveOrderPromotionCode parameter to decide whether to merge the promotion codes. If this parameter is set to 1, the promotion codes will be merged. If it is not specified, the default value is 0. For example:
<input type="hidden" name="URL" value="OrderItemMove?page=account&amp;moveOrderPromotionCode=1&amp;errorViewName=TopCategoriesDisplayView&amp;
URL=OrderCalculate%3FURL%3DLogonForm" id="WC_RememberMeLogonForm_FormInput_URL_In_Logon_1" />