Enabling error message details in the storefront

The storefront hides specific error details from shoppers by default for security purposes. For example, instead of seeing a 404 error page with details, shoppers instead see a generic error page. If you need to enable error message details in the storefront, to satisfy a particular business requirement, you can enable verbose error messages in the configuration file.

Note: You can, however, be exposing the internal details of your application.


  1. Open the configuration file.
    • LinuxAIXWindowsWC_installdir/instances/instance_name/xml/instance_name.xml
    • For IBM i OS operating systemWC_userdir/instances/instance_name/xml/instance_name.xml
    • WebSphere Commerce Developerworkspace_dir/WC/xml/config/wc-server.xml
  2. Add the following snippet to the security section of the file.
    For example:
    <Security AdminPwd="Ua4xMY1lGEqYbwa0gxDxGg=="
    AdminUser="configadmin" AuthMode="LDAP" Realm=""
    RunAsID="configadmin" RunAsPwd="Ua4xMY1lGEqYbwa0gxDxGg=="
    enabled="true" enabledGlobal="true" passwordpolicy="true" VerboseErrorMessages="true"/> 
  3. LinuxAIXWindowsFor IBM i OS operating systemDeploy the file to the WebSphere Commerce EAR.
  4. WebSphere Commerce DeveloperRepublish the WebSphere Commerce application.