Troubleshooting: Data Load utility

If you encounter problems when you use the Data Load utility, refer to these troubleshooting topics to help determine the problem and find possible solutions.

You can encounter errors when you run the Data Load utility for many reasons. Errors can be caused by incorrect command parameters, configurations, errors within your input file, and more.

To help troubleshoot errors that are encountered, review the wc-dataload.log file as the first step in determining the source of your error. This file can be located within the following directory
  • WC_installdir\logs
  • WCDE_installdir\logs
By default, this log file provides only a summary report. You can however specify the level of package logging to generate more information about the Data Load utility process within this log file. To generate finer details of information within this log file, specify the log level when you run the Data Load utility. For example, to run the Data Load utility with a finer log level for catalog information, you can specify the following command: wc-dataload.xml

For more information about running the Data Load utility, Data Load utility. For more information about best practices for running the Data Load utility, including setting the log level for the Data Load utility, see Data Load utility best practices.