Troubleshooting: Business object changes are not reflected in the Management Center

Enabling dynamic caching on the WebSphere Commerce Server might cause some unexpected behavior when you update objects with the Data Load utility.


When you update data using the data load utility, the updated data might not show up in the Management Center.

The following scenario is an example of an unexpected behavior:
  1. You observe that the price for a product is $20.
  2. You update the product price to $15 using the Data Load utility.
  3. You refresh the product, but the product price is still $20 in the Management Center.
  4. You check the database, and the product price is changed to $15.

This unexpected behavior is caused by data cache in the WebSphere Commerce Server. You need to invalidate the data cache so that Management Center can pick up the new object update (new price for example).


To invalidate data cache on the Data Load utility:
  1. Add a property to the <_config:BusinessObjectMediator> element in the business object configuration file as shown:
    <_config:BusinessObjectMediator className="" componentId="">
    		<_config:property name="DataCacheInvalidationEnabled" value="true" />
    Note: The default setting for data cache invalidation is false.
If you are loading multiple objects at a time, you can set this property within the load order configuration file to have the property used for all objects that you are loading. If you are setting this property within a load order file, specify the property within the <_config:LoadOrder> element.

For more information about the DataCacheInvalidationEnabled configuration property and other Data Load utility and Catalog Upload properties, see Data Load utility configuration properties.