Deprecated feature: Extraction filter format

An extraction filter is an XML file that defines the data you want to extract from the WebSphere Commerce database.

An extraction filter consists of the following tags:

This tag and its closing tag define the extraction filter. All of the text in the extraction file must be contained within this tag.
This tag defines the SQL query used to extract data from the database. Every <functionDef> tag requires one or more <execute> tags.
This tag is responsible for the running of the SQL query. In this tag, you can also specify for any values required for variable parameter defined in the <functionDef> tag. Multiple <execute> tags can be associated with one <functionDef> tag.

For an example of an extraction filter file, see Example: Extraction filter.

<functionDef> format

A <functionDef> tag has the following tag structure:

<functionDef id="
unique_identifier" description="
function_description" schemaentity="
  <paramDef name="
parameter_name" type="
parameter_type" value="
default_value" description="
parameter_description" />


This tag contains the following paramters:
You must assign a unique identifier for each <functionDef> tag in the extraction filter. This identifier is referenced by the <execute> tag.
Give the tag a meaningful description describing the SQL query it contains to make maintenance of the extraction filter easier.
The table name written to the output file as xml element
This element of the <functionDef> tag defines any variable parameters you want to have in your SQL query. You must have one of these tags for each variable parameter in your SQL query. This element contains the following parameters:
Provide the name of the variable parameter that you will specify in the SQL query. The name must start with a colon (":"). This name is scoped to the <functionDef> tag in which it is defined so you can use the same parameter name in multiple <functionDef> tags.
Specify the type of parameter, for example string.
Specify the value for the variable parameter.
Give the parameter a meaningful description to make maintenance of the extraction filter easier.
This element of the <functionDef> tag contains one SQL query.

Each <functionDef> tag is associated with one or more <execute> tags.

<execute> format

One or more <execute> tags are associated with the <functionDef> task. An <execute> tag has the following format:

<execute id="
execute_id" description="
execute_description" schemaentity="catgroup">
  <param name="
paremeter_name" type="string" value="10300" description="
parmater_description" />