Extracting, transforming, and loading data using the WebSphere Commerce loading utilities

WebSphere Commerce provides multiple utilities for preparing and loading data into a WebSphere Commerce database. The loading utilities are flexible and you can continue to use these utilities when you customize the WebSphere Commerce schema.

The main loading utility for administrators is the Data Load utility. The Data Load utility is a business object-based loading utility that offers the following advantages:
  • The Data Load utility is easier to use. You do not need to understand the details of your WebSphere Commerce database. You must understand only the business object model, and how to map your data to the business object model.
  • The Data Load utility transaction boundary is based on business objects as opposed to being based on table objects.
  • The Data Load utility is scalable and has better performance than the mass load utility.
  • The Data Load utility has a much improved summary report, and provides a better error report to assist with diagnosing problems when errors occur.
Business users can load data into WebSphere Commerce by using the upload feature in Management Center. For more information, see the following topics: