Configuring payment plug-ins

To configure a payment plug-in define payment and refund methods; payment and refund rules; and the payment protocols that you intend to use.

  • The payment methods and refund methods your store will honor. Consider that:
    • A payment method is typically associated with one payment configuration (for example, Visa has a configuration called config001, MasterCard has a configuration called config002, check has a configuration called config003, and so on).
    • More than one payment configuration ID can be associated with a store so that a store can use various payment method configurations.
    • A given payment method can be associated with a store more than once with a different payment configuration ID (for example, Visa - Gold with configuration ID configID0004 and MasterCard - Silver with configuration ID configID0005).
  • The payment configuration to which the payment and refund rules should apply.
  • The payment back-end system, and therefore, the payment protocols you intend to use.