Deprecated feature: Generating a DTD

The dtdgen utility creates a document type definition (DTD) file to use with the loading utilities. The dtdgen utility uses an input text file containing a list of database table names and generates a DTD file describing the database, depending on how you invoke the dtdgen utility. The dtdgen utility can create a DTD file based on the WebSphere Commerce database schema. If you use the DTD files provided with the starter store archives and you do not modify the database schema, you do not need to generate a DTD file using the dtdgen utility.

Before you begin

Configure loading utilities

About this task

To generate a DTD file, or a DTD file and XML schema definition (XSD) file:


  1. Create an input text file that contains database table names, one on each line, as shown in the following example:
  2. Save the file as a .txt file.
  3. Run the dtdgen utility. If you configured the dtdgen utility, specify the new file name as the value of the customizer parameter of the DTD Generate command.

    To generate a DTD only run the dtdgen utility with the -outfile parameter.