Deprecated feature: Overview of loading store data

After you create your store data, you can choose to package it as a store archive and publish it using Publish wizard or the PublishStore utility. If you do not package the store as a SAR file, you can load data assets directly into the WebSphere Commerce Server database by using the WebSphere Commerce mass load utilities. The mass load utilities provide six command-line utilities that you can use to prepare data for loading as well as to load data into your store. These utilities use Extensible Markup Language (XML) data files to manage the information.

The data preparation, loading, and extraction processes that you can perform by using the loading utilities are shown in the following figure.

Loading store data into WebSphere Commerce requires the mass loading utilities command utilities. The mass loading utilities convert data into a valid and well-formed XML, which is the input to load data into the database.

The two processes that are most commonly used to load store data into a WebSphere Commerce Server database are resolving identifiers and loading the data.

  • idresgen utility
    This utility generates identifiers for XML elements that require them before data is loaded into a database. For information about the idresgen utility, see:
  • massload utility
    This utility loads an XML input file into a target database. For information about this utility, see:

You can use the following loading utilities command-line utilities to manage your data: