Deprecated functionality

If you are migrating from an earlier version of WebSphere Commerce, be aware of the various features that are deprecated or removed from this and earlier releases.

Deprecated features

If a feature is listed as deprecated, IBM might remove this capability in a subsequent release of the product. Future investment will be focused on the strategic function listed under Recommended action. Typically, a feature is not removed for one major release or five full years (whichever time period is longer) after the release in which that feature is deprecated. For example, if a feature was deprecated in Version 6 (released June 2006), then IBM can remove the deprecated feature in a major release on or after June 2011. Version 6.0 and Version 7.0 are considered major releases. Fix packs and feature packs are not major releases. In rare cases, it might become necessary to remove features sooner; such cases are indicated clearly and explicitly in the descriptions of these deprecated features.

The following features are deprecated in this and earlier releases of WebSphere Commerce:

WebSphere Commerce search runtime programming model

The BOD-based WebSphere Commerce search runtime programming model is deprecated in WebSphere Commerce Version 8. This includes search configurations on the WC EAR, and catalog storefront services.

Recommended action:

Use the REST-based search runtime programming model, which was first introduced in WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature Pack 7. It resides on both the WebSphere Commerce and search servers, and contains a new architecture, deployment strategy, and REST APIs to program against the search server. Search configurations are made on the Search EAR, and the storefront uses REST services. For more information, see Migrating WebSphere Commerce Search from a BOD-based search deployment.

WebSphere Commerce search profiles

Extending search profiles is deprecated in WebSphere Commerce Version 8, due to the complexity of search profiles inheritance logic.

Recommended action:

Include all your required configurations and properties when creating new custom search profiles. Or, redefine default search profiles by overriding any properties that you want to change. For more information, see WebSphere Commerce Search profiles.


Order Management System (OMS)/ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrations are deprecated. The service-oriented integration back-office support integrated sales channels that are served by WebSphere Commerce to your back-end systems.

Recommended action: You can integrate Sterling Order Management with WebSphere Commerce using either Direct Integration. The functions to convert message content and format are performed by services in the Sterling Order Management Service Definition Framework (SDF).

Triple DES for encryption

Triple DES for encryption is deprecated for WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature Pack 8. Triple DES provided the encryption for sensitive data in the database, such as credit card data and passwords.

Recommended action:

Use AES for encryption. For up-to-date information and instructions, see WebSphere Commerce security model.

Massload utility

The massload utility was deprecated in WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature Pack 6. This functionality was used to load an XML input file into a target database.

Recommended action:

The Data Load utility is used to load CSV and XML input files into a target database. This utility replaces the loading functionality included in the massload utility. It is recommended that you use the Data Load utility to load data into your database. If your system contains scheduled and automated processes that use massload, it is recommended that you update these processes to use the Data Load utility. Other WebSphere Commerce utilities that use the massload utility, such as the acpload utility, continue to use the massload utility in WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature Pack 6. If you have business reasons to continue using the massload utility, you can continue to use this utility.

Configuration noun

The ability to get the store currency or store language from the Configuration noun is deprecated for WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature Pack 2. The following unique IDs are deprecated from the Configuration noun:

Recommended action:

Use the OnlineStore noun to get the currency and language for your store.


The PriceTCMasterCatalogWithOptionalAdjustment term and condition in the contract model is deprecated.

Recommended action:

Use the PriceTCMasterCatalogWithFiltering term and condition type.

WebSphere Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI)

The performance monitoring feature is deprecated.

The Java classes related to the PMI module are deprecated. These classes are in the following java packages.
  • which contains the following deprecated classes:
    • CommerceCounterGroupModule
    • CommerceCounterModule6
    • CommerceCounterModuleBase
    • CommercePerformanceFactory
    • CommerceRuntimeCollaborator
    • Constants
    • CounterTreeItem
    • GroupTreeItem6
    • GroupTreeItemBase
    • Messages
    • StartTreeItem
    • WcsPerfTimer
    • WcsPerfType
  • which contains the following deprecated class:
    • WcsCounterGroupPerf