DB2WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Troubleshooting: Errors when you disable buyer approval and order approval inheritance

You attempt to disable buyer approvals and order approvals on the Edit Organization page but the store still requires approvals.

You expect approvals to be disabled in the store after you complete the following scenario.
  1. Log on to the store as a Buyer Administrator.
  2. Navigate to My Account > Organizations and Buyers.
  3. Select an organization and click Edit Organization.
  4. Ensure that Order approvals and Buyer approvals are not checked.
  5. Ensure that Do not inherit order approvals and Do not inherit buyer approvals are checked.
  6. Click Save. A message appears confirming the changes.


The PCKCACHESZ heap or stack does not have enough storage to process the statement that is required to remove the approval type.
A Site Administrator might encounter the following errors in log files:
SQL0973N Not enough storage is available in the PCKCACHESZ heap or stack to process the statement.


A Site Administrator can increase the package cache size by issuing the following SQL statement:
db2 update database configuration for database_name using pckcachesz new_size
  • database_name is the name of your database.
  • new_size is the value of the new cache size.
Note: Similar problems might occur for other heaps such as SORTHEAP, or UTIL_HEAP_SZ. These heap issues can be resolved the same way by substituting the appropriate heap name.