Troubleshooting: Errors when loading or deleting MEMBER data on staging server

In a production server, the MEMBER table contains organizations, member groups, administrative users, and shoppers. In a staging server, the MEMBER table contains these organizations and member groups, but only the -1000 user is staged. Other test administrators and test shoppers can be created on the staging server, but they are not propagated to the production server.


When you insert, update, or delete MEMBER data on a staging server you see following error:

SQL3015N  An SQL error "-101" occurred during processing.
SQL0101N  The statement is too long or too complex.  SQLSTATE=54001


Start from option 1 and continue until you resolve the problem:
  1. Option 1 (insert or update actions)

    Use the sqlimport option.

    If you are trying a delete method see option 3.

  2. Option 2
    1. Increase the DB2 database statement heap size.
    2. Restart the DB2 server.
    3. Rerun massload.
  3. Option 3 (insert, update, or delete actions)
    Note: A massload delete method is not recommended for the MEMBER table. If a delete method is used, complete the steps in this option.
    1. Drop the staging triggers from the staging server by running the following script:
      • WC_installdir/schema/db2/wcs.droptrigger.sql
    2. Run the massload utility to load MEMBER data.
    3. Create the staging triggers again by running the following script:
      • WC_installdir/schema/db2/wcs.stage.trigger.sql

      Note: After completing option 3, all massload data is not logged in the staging server and data is not be propagated to the production server. To ensure that MEMBER data is available in the production server, you must massload the data directly to the production server.