Feature Pack 8WebSphere Commerce Version

Enabling interim fix JR59223

JR59223 enhances the WebSphere Commerce backend services to support General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Before you begin

Install the interim fix for JR59223.

About this task

For this APAR to take effect:


  1. Open a connection to your database.
  2. Run the following commands to insert four new member attribute records into the MBRATTR table:
    insert into MBRATTR values(-256,'STRING','privacyNoticeVersion','The version of privacy notice',0);
    insert into MBRATTR values(-257,'DATETIME','privacyNoticeTimestamp','The timestamp when user accepted privacy notice',0);
    insert into MBRATTR values(-258,'INTEGER','marketingTrackingConsent','Whether or not user is opt-in for marketing tracking. 1 or empty means opt-in, 0 means opt-out',0);
    insert into MBRATTR values(-259,'DATETIME','marketingTrackingConsentTimestamp','The timesatamp when user is opt-in or opt-out',0);