WebSphere Commerce Version

Enabling interim fix JR47434

Interim fix JR47434 adds a new FlowControl value for the WCSPromotionEngineConfiguration.xml file. The control improves the performance of the Best Deal feature in the promotion engine when dealing with promotions that are of the same priority within the same group.

By default, the FlowControl value is set to 1, which indicates Best Deal processing.
Performance enhancements are not enabled by default because the enhancement imposes some restrictions on the kinds of customization that can be done to Promotion-related Java objects. In particular, you should not extend the following kind of object:
Also, do not extend the following kinds of objects in any way that would result in the clone method returning a clone that references data from the original object that can be changed during Best Deal processing:
  • com.ibm.commerce.marketing.promotion.runtime.PromotionExecutionRecord
  • com.ibm.commerce.marketing.promotion.reward.DefaultChoiceOfFreeGiftAdjustment
  • com.ibm.commerce.marketing.promotion.runtime.PromotionArgument
  • com.ibm.commerce.marketing.promotion.choice.RewardOption
  • And any class that implements the com.ibm.commerce.marketing.promotion.reward.Adjustment interface
Check custom Java classes to ensure that these restrictions are met before you enable FlowControl.

To enable Best Deal performance enhancements, complete the following procedure.

Before you begin

Install the cumulative interim fix for Fix Pack 6, JR53048.fp.


  1. Open the WC_eardir/xml/PromotionEngineConfiguration/WCSPromotionEngineConfig.xml file.
  2. Set the FlowControl value to 2.