Troubleshooting PDF generation on Windows systems

How to troubleshoot the PDF generation on Windows.

  • If charts are not displayed in the generated PDF, ensure that Internet Explorer, running under the SYSTEM account on the Web Reports server box, has the correct security settings to render Web Reports pages. Do the following to accomplish this task:
    • Open Internet Explorer using the at or the schtasks commands.
    • Navigate to the Web Reports Overview page.
    • Verify that the charts display. If they do not display, change the security settings to allow ActiveX plugins and JavaScript.
  • On Windows platform, after the PDF Reports have been enabled, if you try to export a report as PDF, the created pdf does not contain the expected report but the following error:
    HTTPS Error: Content BlockedContent was blocked because 
             it was not signed by a valid securitycertificate. 
             For more information see 'Certificate Errors' in Internet Explorer Help.

    The certificate must be added to the Web Reports server machine so all accounts are not blocked. You can export the certificate from the Certificate Errors dialog that is displayed by your web browser when you connect to the Web Reports server the first time.

    To add the certificate to the machine store:
    1. Right click the saved certificate and select Install Certificate.
    2. In the Import Certificate Wizard select Local Machine as Store Location.
    3. Select Place all Certificates in the following Store.
    4. Click Browse.
    5. Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities.
    6. Click Next.
    7. Click Finish.