Understanding the Web Report File

Web Reports has a general report format using an XML wrapper. It can show reports from content sites and new reports can be added, edited, or removed.

The report file must either have the extension .beswrpt or .webreport, and is written in XML. It has the form:

<Name>Report Title</Name>
<Type>[TemplateReport] | [CustomReport] | [ExternalReport]</Type>
<Data>Custom data or external URL</Data>
<SourcePage>Source Page in Web Reports</SourcePage>

The .beswrpt file can also contain multiple reports in one xml file:




Most of the tags are self-explanatory. The Name tag provides the title of the report. URLParameters and Data depend on the Type tag. The Type tag can be one of three strings

  • TemplateReport
  • CustomReport
  • ExternalReport

These strings are case-sensitive.