Session Inspectors

Both the Console and Web Reports depend on an in-memory session cache to provide an efficient view of your database.

Due to their distinct environments, these two programs have some significant differences:

BigFix Console BigFix Web Reports
Does not maintain Fixlet History inspectors. Maintains Fixlet History inspectors, however, to reduce the memory footprint, version 8.0 runs slower.
Current inspectors are designed to work in the BigFix Console only. Current inspectors do not work.
Inspectors dealing with globally visible Fixlet messages are consistent across applications. Locally visible Fixlet messages return nothing.
Works with only one BigFix server. Works across multiple BigFix servers.
JavaScript Relevance calls are instantaneous. JavaScript Relevance calls generate an HTTP request, which incurs a round-trip penalty to the server.
Links to Fixlet filters, computer groups, computers, Fixlet messages, tasks, and analyses work. Links to Fixlet filters and computer groups do not work. However, links to computers, Fixlet messages, tasks, and analyses do work.