The Explore Data section of the program allows you to look at data collected from your entire BigFix network to filter it, and to create reports.

Click the Explore Data tab, upper left.

Want a quick peek at your network? This section of the program lets you instantly visualize your data with both charts and reports. It also allows you to filter that potentially huge data set down to something concise and useful.

Want to record your custom view? At any time you can press the Save Report button to save your filters, charts, and layouts, which are added to the Report List (available from the next tab to the right). Now you can reuse your custom template to quickly provide you with unique portraits of your network at any given moment.

There are several options for exploring Data. They make up the secondary tabs on this page:

  • Computers: This option allows you to examine properties of your networked BigFix clients and filter the list into a specialized report.
  • Content: This option allows you to examine and create specialized reports based on Fixlet messages, baselines, tasks, and analyses.
  • Actions: This option allows you to list and report on actions taken on any of the BigFix clients in your network.
  • Operators: This option allows you to list subsets of your BigFix operators.
  • Unmanaged Assets: This option allows you to examine the states of all your unmanaged assets, such as printers, scanners, faxes, and more.
  • Custom: This option allows you to create free-form listings and reports.

These options are described later in this section. However, many of these options have commonalities that represent core utilities of Web Reports. These are described in the following section.