On Windows Systems

Important: On Windows Server 2016 and later, Microsoft Windows security patches removed the ability for the LocalSystem account to access "desktop resources", including printers. Because of that, if you are running the Web Reports service "BESWebReportsServer" as LocalSystem, you will not be able to generate reports in PDF format. Web Reports will be able to generate PDF reports only if the service is run by a local user account or by a service account.
Note: You can keep running BESWebReportsServer as LocalSystem if you do not need to use the PDF export feature. Exports in other formats are still available.

Refer to the procedure described in How to enable PDF Reports if the version of Web Reports is lower or equal to 9.5.22.

Otherwise, run the following steps to add this capability to your Web Reports installation on Windows platforms.
  1. On the BigFix console click Fixlets and Tasks.
  2. Search for the following task ID:
    • Task ID: 5436: BES Web Reports: Enable PDF Reports
  3. Run the action in this task to automatically install the PDF generator.
Note: The Task ID 5436 could be relevant also when PDF Reports were already enabled in the past with a lower Web Reports version. In this case, it is mandatory to run the above steps to avoid malformed PDF Reports.