Registry Settings

All the following settings are located under the key registry HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node\BigFix\Enterprise Server\BESReports.


  • PDFEnable (set to 1 to enable PDF generation)
  • PDFPostScriptPath
  • PDFPrinterName


  • PDFLogPath

Default Header and Footer

  • PDFDefaultHeader
  • PDFDefaultFooter

Using an unprivileged user to render the report and generate the PDF

  • PDFUseUnprivileged (set to 1 to use the account specified by the values below)
    • UnprivilegedUsername
    • UnprivilegedDomain
    • UnprivilegedPassword

Timeout Settings

  • PDFReportTimeout (in minutes, default 60)
  • PDFPrintTimeout (in minutes, default 60)

Internet Explorer post-rendering pause

  • PDFPause (in seconds, default 10, gives components time to initialize before printing)