Update Credentials

You can replace the server and client credentials that you have uploaded at the time of initial MDM server installation and those added later through the "Add credentials" page.

About this task

To update server and client credentials, complete the following steps.
Note: Uploading credentials overwrites the previously uploaded credentials.


  1. From MCM Admin page, expand MDM Plugins and click Update Credentials.
  2. The Upload Credentials drop-down lists the MDM servers in your environment. Select an MDM server for which you want to upload the credentials. For example, mdmserver.deploy.bigfix.com.
  3. Click Add File next to a certificate or key that you want to upload, navigate to the folder, and select the respective file.
    Note: Upload the appropriate certificate and key files. If the files that you uploaded do not match, an error message is displayed.
  4. Click Save.


The previously uploaded credentials are replaced in the credential store with the ones that you have uploaded now.
Note: Uploading to the credential store does not automatically redeploy these credentials to the various servers.