Installing the BigFix agent on cloud-native devices

From BigFix WebUI, you can install the BigFix agent on the AWS and Azure environments and use the cloud provider services.

Before you begin

This task is available starting with BigFix Platform Version 10 Patch 2. You must install this patch before you start this task.

About this task

WebUI uses native cloud API services.


To deploy the BigFix agent through the WebUI:
  1. From the landing page of the WebUI, click the gear icon at the top right corner and from the dropdown menu select Install Agent.
  2. The Install BigFix agent page displays allowing you to install the agent on devices already discovered and registered in BigFix using one of the available installation methods:
    AWS native API
    This method deploys the agent using the Amazon Web Services native cloud API services and requires AWS access with execution privileges.
    Azure native API
    This method deploys the agent using the Microsoft Azure native cloud API services and requires Azure access with execution privileges.
    Note: These choices are displayed in brackets and link to the devices that meet these criteria:
    • Devices that are relevant to the installation Fixlet.
    • Devices that satisfy the prerequisites required by the installation.
    You might have more devices discovered in your cloud platforms but, without the prerequisites needed for leveraging the native API services, they are not displayed.
Note: For more details about the native agent installation errors (exit codes) and suggested actions, see BigFix Agent installation on cloud resources.