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Modern Client Management and BigFix Mobile Documentation
Welcome to the Modern Client Management for BigFix documentation, where you can find information about how to install, maintain, and use Modern Client Management for BigFix.
MCM and BigFix Mobile Guides in PDF format
This section contains links to all PDF versions of the MCM manuals.
The following packages must be pre-installed on your Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® systems before you install Modern Client Management (MCM):
Supported system environments
This section provides the information about the supported system environments for MCM.
Minimum hardware requirements
For minimum hardware requirements, see the BigFix Capacity Planning documentation.
Port requirements
For BigFix to communicate properly with the devices that you manage through the MDM Plugin, ensure that the following ports are open in your firewall.
MCM and BigFix Mobile User Guide
Read this guide for information about installing and administering the MCM and BigFix Mobile.
Modern Client Management and BigFix Mobile
This guide is intended for HCL BigFix Master Operators (MO) and those who administer BigFix deployments. If you are looking for information about using Modern Client Management (MCM) and BigFix Mobile, see the WebUI User's Guide.
BigFix MCM
Read this section to learn enrolling and managing Windows and macOS laptops.
BigFix Mobile
BigFix Mobile allows you to enroll and manage devices starting from Android 5.0, iOS, and iPadOS.
This section is intended to help you solve problems that might occur when using BigFix MCM.
This glossary provides terms and definitions for the Modern Client Management for BigFix software and products.