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Modern Client Management and BigFix Mobile
Welcome to the Modern Client Management and BigFix Mobile documentation, where you can find information about how to install, maintain, and use Modern Client Management and BigFix Mobile.
This section guides you through BigFix Modern Client Management (MCM) and BigFix Mobile to understand the MCM concepts, terminologies, features, and functionality.
On premises Vs. Hybrid deployments
BigFix MCM and BigFix Mobile are available both as an On-premises solution as well as hybrid solution on Cloud.
Key concepts
Read this section to understand the key concepts of MCM.
User roles
Read this section to understand various users involved in MCM and BigFix Mobile management and their tasks.
Guides in PDF format
This section contains links to PDF versions of all the MCM and BigFix Mobile manuals.
Read this guide to learn about the requirements and available installation scenarios to ensure that the deployment of BigFix MCM and BigFix Mobile goes smoothly in your environment.
This guide is for administrators and IT managers who want to install and configure BigFix MCM/Mobile. It details prerequisites for each of the scenario and provides installation instructions that allow you to deploy the program in your environment. It also includes information about configuring and maintaining BigFix MCM/Mobile components.
Planning the installation
Read this section before you begin to install or update any of the MCM or BigFix Mobile product features. Effective planning and an understanding of the key aspects of the installation process can help ensure a successful installation.
On-premises deployment setup
This section describes the installation prerequisites and preparation required to install the BigFix MDM server and BigFix PlugIn Portal on-premise.
On-premises Upgrade
This section is designed to provide upgrade instructions for customers that have an existing BigFix MCM/Mobile 2.0 deployment and wish to upgrade to the latest feature/function in the BigFix MCM/Mobile 2.1 release.
Hybrid deployment setup
BigFix offers a hybrid BigFix MCM/Mobile solution where the BigFix MDM infrastructure is deployed in the cloud while connecting an organization’s existing BigFix deployment (via BigFix Authenticating Relay) on-premise. Mobile and MCM devices register with the cloud based MDM infrastructure and can then be managed via the on-premise WebUI.
Configuring BigFix MCM and BigFix Mobile
After the MCM components are set up, there are additional configuration options available to enable features like Bulk Enrollment for Windows, DEP policies for macOS, or prestage installers for Windows and MacOS MDM endpoints.
Reference Information
This section contains more detailed information about some of the essential installation aspects.
Quick Start
User Guide
Read this guide to learn about enrolling, administering, and troubleshooting endpoints through BigFix MCM and BigFix Mobile.
Modern Client Management and BigFix Mobile
This guide is intended for HCL BigFix Master Operators (MO) and those who administer BigFix deployments. If you are looking for information about using Modern Client Management (MCM) and BigFix Mobile, see the WebUI User's Guide.
BigFix MCM
Read this section to learn enrolling and managing Windows and macOS desktop and laptop devices.
BigFix Mobile
BigFix Mobile enables you to enroll and manage devices starting from Android 5.0, iOS, and iPadOS.
This section is intended to help you solve problems that might occur when installing BigFix MCM and BigFix Mobile.
Frequently Asked Questions
Read this section for commonly asked questions and their answers to manage the MCM deployments better.
This glossary provides terms and definitions for the Modern Client Management for BigFix software and products.