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Modern Client Management for BigFix 10 Documentation
Welcome to the Modern Client Management for BigFix documentation, where you can find information about how to install, maintain, and use Modern Client Management for BigFix.
MCM Guides in PDF format
This section contains links to all PDF versions of the MCM manuals.
Supported system environments
Minimum hardware requirements
Port requirements
For BigFix to communicate properly with the devices that you manage through the MDM Plugin, ensure that the following ports are open in your firewall.
MCM User Guide
Read this guide for information about installing and administering the MCM.
This guide is intended for HCL BigFix Master Operators (MO) and those who administer BigFix deployments. If you are looking for information about using Modern Client Management (MCM), see the User's Guide.
Prerequisites and requirements
Installing BigFix
To install BigFix Platform, obtain a license, run the installation wizard that guides you through the installation of the BigFix root server, console, client, and WebUI.
Setting up LDAPS authentication
With MCM for BigFix 10, Administrators can manage Windows™ and Apple® devices by authenticating the device users with LDAPS authentication.
Configuring certificates
Setting up the MDM Server
The Plugin Portal
Installing the MDM Plugins
Installing MDM Plugins are required to set up a connection between the MDM Servers and the BigFix Plugin Portal. MDM Plugins communicate with the MDM Server through REST APIs and the AMQP protocol using client certificates.
Staging BigFix Agents for delivery
Registering for Apple Developer Accounts
Device Enrollment
Device enrollment is the first step for managing devices using MDM. Mac and Windows devices have different enrollment procedures. Only after successful enrollment will Mac and Windows devices report in to BigFix as MDM devices and start appearing on the BigFix Console and WebUI. The devices will interact with the MDM servers through APIs and based on the MDM policies.