BigFix Mobile

BigFix Mobile enables you to enroll and manage devices starting from Android 5.0, iOS, and iPadOS.

This solution enables IT admins to securely and wirelessly configure corporate-owned or employee-owned mobile devices. After enrolling to BigFix Mobile, IT admins can get the visibility of the enrolled mobile devices through WebUI. IT admins can secure, manage and monitor mobile devices that access corporate data. IT admins can also update software and device settings, monitor compliance with organizational policies, and remotely wipe, lock, and reboot the mobile devices.

Device users can enroll their own devices in BigFix Mobile, or IT admins can enroll company-owned devices automatically.

Important: Ensure all the operating system specific analyses are activated through WebUI Health Check for MCM app to work as expected.

Supported Operating Systems and versions

  • Android 5.0 and later
  • iOS 14 and later
  • iPadOS 14 and later