On premises Vs. Hybrid deployments

BigFix MCM and BigFix Mobile are available both as an On-premises solution as well as hybrid solution on Cloud.

This section provides the architecture overview and the differences between MDM on-premises and Hybrid deployments.

For information on MCM On-premises deployment, setup, prerequisites and other related information, see On-premises deployment setup.

For information on Hybrid MCM deployment, setup, prerequisites and other related information, see Hybrid deployment setup.

BigFix MCM/Mobile - On-prem deployment architecture

MCM on-prem

BigFix MCM/Mobile - Hybrid Cloud deployment architecture

Hybrid cloud architecture

On-prem Vs. Hybrid deployments

The differences between MDM on-premises and cloud are listed below.

MDM On-premises deployment Hybrid MDM deployment
Server setup

MDM on-premises requires you to perform one-time MDM Server setup. You must have the required hardware and software set up in prior to deploy MDM on-premises. Set up your environment through BigFix Console or BigFix WebUI.

Hybrid MCM deployment enables you to access your server hosted by BigFix through the Internet. Contact HCL to set up your MCM environment.
Server Location
The MDM server is installed within the company’s own servers and computers. The company is in complete charge of its data, software and hardware with no third-party access. The server must be managed, maintained and backed up by the company separately. The server is remotely hosted on BigFix cloud services and is accessed over the Internet using appropriate login credentials. BigFix holds responsibility for the server, its uptime, and costs incurred in setting up and maintaining the required infrastructure.
Server Upgrades
With MDM on-premises, users must upgrade their MDM servers manually when an upgrade is available to use the new features and fixes. HCL Now team upgrades the environment.
With MDM on-premises, sensitive data such as employee details, mail server information, inventory details, location details, enterprise application details, etc. are within the organization’s control. In institutions or organizations where compliance is an issue; whose regulations do not allow sensitive data to be on Cloud, MDM on-premises would prove right by offering greater control and security. With MDM Cloud, the organizational data is securely present within BigFix servers. Sensitive data present within the Cloud servers are encrypted to provide top-grade security standards.