User roles

Read this section to understand various users involved in MCM and BigFix Mobile management and their tasks.

BigFix Administrator
  • Predefined role provisioned by BigFix.
  • Grants top-level privileges, with the ability to create additional users, schedule activities, and set database configurations.
  • Assigns roles to BigFix users so that they have the appropriate permissions to perform their tasks.
BigFix normal user
Grants ordinary privileges allowing the user to view the data, but not to create other users or set database configurations.
BigFix Read-only user
Restricted from editing public filters and reports.
MDM Admin
The account or customer administrator, who can create additional users who has varying authorizations,
Admin Configuration UI user
Users who have valid credentials to log in to Admin Configuration and perform Android-specific configuration tasks such as Enterprise registration, zero-touch configuration, private app configuration.
WebUI Admin
Also, the permissions set at the User Management page in the BigFix Console determines the user rights. To learn more about managing operators and roles, see the BigFix Console Operator's Guide. To learn more about BigFix permissions see the BigFix Site Administrator and Console Operators.
Note: User access to the WebUI and its functions can be defined through the permission settings in the WebUI.

WebUI > Settings > Permission

WebUI Master Operators
Users who can access the WebUI as Master Operators and can manage devices as administrators and manage mobile device and device management policies. Management activities can include configuration and application policies, access control, and remediation. They are the administrative users of the Console. They have access to all the computers defined in the BigFix environment and the authority to create and manage other console operators. Any master operator can create, assign, and revoke management rights that allow operators to deploy actions.
WebUI Operator or Non-Master Operators (NMO)
Users who can access the WebUI as Non-Master Operator to view (Read-Only) mobile devices and device management policies. They manage the day-to-day BigFix operations, including Fixlet management and action deployment, against a subset of computers they are allowed to manage by the Master Operator. They cannot create other operators and cannot assign management rights.
MDM user/Device user
An end user (admin/standard) who uses an MDM enrolled device.
Device Admin

Has complete and unrestricted access to the device.

Device non-admin user/standard user
A user account with limited privileges that will be used for general tasks such as reading email and surfing the Web.