Installing the plugin portal

The Plugin Portal is a new component introduced in BigFix 10 to help manage cloud devices as well as modern devices such as Windows 10 and MacOS endpoints enrolled to BigFix. For details on modern client management, see the Modern Client Management documentation.

About this task

Plugin portal is a scalable component introduced in BigFix 10 for supporting the management of cloud instances and modern clients.


  1. Click the gear icon at the top right corner.
  2. Click Plugin Management.

    The Plugin Management page opens.
  3. The Preprequisite section helps ensuring the right components are available and started in order to proceed with the Plugins installation.

    1. Install a new plugin portal if you have not done so yet.
      • Click Install in the Plugin portals section. The Install BigFix Plugin Portal opens.
      • Click Deploy Content.
    2. Check if Analyses have been activated. If not, press the button to ensure that the discovered data are reported correctly in the BigFix database.