With WebUI Reports, you can create custom reports to obtain more specific information about devices, patches, and deployments of the endpoints.

  • Master Operators and Non-Master Operators can create and save reports.
  • Master Operators can view/edit/delete all reports, including the private reports created by other users.
  • Non-Master Operators can:
    • view all the public reports and their own private reports
    • edit/delete their own reports
Creating a report
To create a new report
  1. Open Devices, Deployments or Patches page.
  2. Select the desired filters; a list of relevant items matching your filter criteria is displayed.

  3. Click Save Report.
  4. In the Save Report window:
    1. Enter the Report Name.
    2. Enter Description of the report (optional).
    3. Set the Visibility as Private or All Users to restrict who can view your reports.
    4. A link for the report is auto-generated. Click Copy Link to copy the link and directly access the report through a browser.
  5. Click Save.
Working with saved reports

  • View: You can view the list of saved public and private reports depending on the user role. To view, from the WebUI main page, click Reports.
  • Favorites: Mark a report as your favorite report and quickly access it from the Devices, Deployments or Patch page as applicable. To do that, click star next to the desired report.
  • Sort: You can sort the reports by Name, Content, Last Accessed, Last Modified, or Owner.
  • Edit: You can edit report name, description, and/or visibility. To edit, select the desired report and click edit. To edit the visibility of multiple reports, select the desired reports and click the Edit button.
  • Delete: To delete a single report, just click trashcan. To delete multiple reports, select the reports that you want to delete and click the Delete button.
  • Undo delete: You can retrieve the last deleted report by clicking undo that appears immediately after deleting the report.
    Note: This option appears only for a short time, and you can retrieve only during this time.
  • Update:
    1. Click on a report to view it.
    2. Modify the filters, sort by, or view properties; the Update button appears.
    3. Click Update. The report is updated and saved.