Document view

The WebUI’s document views present detailed information about a particular device, deployment, or piece of content. Use document navigation links to drill down into the data on associated views. The diagram shows a patch document.

Image of a patch document. Annotations: a) Document title (upper left). b) Click the links to see different parts of the document. c) Click the numbers for more details. d) The patch description includes notes about any known issues. A link to the vendor's Release Notes is often included.

Key details are summarized in the right side panel; the Deploy button appears on all device and content documents.

The following is an image of a device document Device Information view. Use the tabs to display additional views.
  • Deploy: Click the deploybutton to deploy content to the device
  • Configuration: Click the Configurebutton to issue a query, send a file, or send a message to this device
Image of a device document, Properties view. Annotation: a) The Details panel on the right side of the page contains the Deploy button and a device summary.